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PCB Design Engineering - Using Cadence(Allegro)


INR 20000


6-8 Weeks

About the Course

Module 1: Getting Started.
Module 2: Library Development.
Module 3: Netlist import and different types of netlist importing options
Module 4: ERC and netlist check and solving netlist integration with PCB tool.
Module 5: Being productive using shortcuts.
Module 6: Rules/Constraints, and High-Speed Routing.
Module 7: Components placement, interactive routing, and special routing tips.
Module 8: Glossing, copper planes, split planes and other shape creation.
Module 9: Post processing and manufacturing output.
Module 10: DFX(DFM,DFT,DFA)consideration and solving methods.
Module 11: Gerber verification from manufacturing prospective.
Module 12: Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB introduction and benefit.

Additional Free modules
Module 1: Basic mechanical 2D drawing to help on creating custom board outline using Autocad or similar tools.
Module 2: High speed and RF PCB design introduction and consideration from hardware view and manufacturing point of view.

All Modules will have Quizzes and Assignments.

Your Instructor


10+ years of experience in Product design engineering and PCB design engineering. He holds a sound knowledge and understanding in managing the forum. He is well known among the PCB designers in India , with talks and presentation in Cadence India. He has in depth knowledge and experience in the design of PCB ranging across different application viz., RF , flex PCBA , military , consumer and high speed system.

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