PCB Design Engineering - Using Cadence(Allegro)

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Instructors: Prawin

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Why this course?


In this course you will learn the flow of PCB design and generate the output files required to share with manufacturing the PCB.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
What Is PCB Design- Webinar (31:00) Preview
Basic Electronics
Basic Electronics (22 pages)
Basic Electronics - MCQ1
Using op amps to reduce near-field EMI on PCBs - Whitepaper
Try Me - Simulation Trails
Basic electronic circuit simulation - Assignment
Live Session 1
Footprint Creation
Footprint Creation (42:00)
Fotprint Throughhole Rules (1 pages)
Footprint Creation - MCQ2
How to use Footprint Calculator
Footprint Calculator Software
Footprint Creation - Assignment
Footprint Creation - Assignment Submission
Hardware & Mechanical Inputs
PCB Constraints
PCB Stack-up Creation
PCB Placement
PCB Routing
PCB Vias & Shapes
PCB Design Post Processing
PCB Design for Manufacturing (43 pages)
Gerber File Validation
Extras - HDI, Flex and High Speed Designs
Additional References
Pcb Design Issues - Reference (97 pages)
PCB-Layout-Rec-BGA-Packages (91 pages)
Highspeed Layout Guidelines (21 pages)
High-Speed-Constraint-Values-v2 - Book (71 pages)
HDI Design Guidelines (7 pages)

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